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NärCon day 4

So this was the final day and thus not many activities were made as people had to get their bags out of the sleeping halls before 11 am. I mostly sat down and guarded all the bags as bro and most of his friends went around doing stuff I dunno I didn’t really ask.

Rose and Roxy came over after a while to sit down and I sent sadstuck au headcanons to Roxy who constantly gave me the finger.

Them bro and his friends were leaving so I joined them and we went to a Chinese restaurant to have buffet and it was delicious (amazingly enough I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Chinese restaurant before)

Them we have the nightmare. The trains.

Okay so as I stated before, the train was overcrowded. Now this is something I was mostly prepared to due to previous experiences and due to knowing that the con had 8,000 attendants and most of them were taking the same train. What I wasn’t prepared for was the lack of air condition.

Me and two other dudes tried to use our fans to wave them around to create a somewhat ac for everyone, I’m not sure how much it helped but we tried.

According to bro who was in a different “seat” (a.k.a the space you can walk between two train..uh…things) that they had asked about water and apparently the train didn’t have drinkable water and when someone stated people could faint due to the heat (we’re having a heatwave in most places in Sweden at the moment, that place included) he had just agreed and didn’t even try to hide how little he cared.

After one stop the train was so crowded I couldn’t rise from my seat and people literally couldn’t get inside the train anymore. The staff finally realized the seriousness and got us these little containers of water. it wasn’t enough for everyone so I just took a few sips before passing it forward to more people.

I had forgotten to check properly and discovered on the train that the train didn’t only go to Stockholm but to a town one hour away from home as well. Going to stockholm would mean I may not even be able to get home with a different train so I decided to gamble hoping the train ticket lady wouldn’t show up since she hadn’t showed up so far and just didn’t get off where I was supposed to.

The train then eventually arrived in Gävle and after 4 agonizing hours I was allowed to get off and go have food with my parents before coming home to a very much wanted bath before going to bed.

The end.

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NärCon day 3

I feel like most days consisted of mixed experiences/events that were both positive and negative. Day three was no exception.

Bro and I sat in the artist alley and as I have already blogged about it was horribly organized. Last year we were all seated in this hall you had to walk through to get to other rooms so people constantly came to look at stuff, this room was even empty this year as the artist alley went along but apparently they didn’t want us to compete with the stores even though they sold completely different things up there (one was apparently even selling art they did not own.)

As mentioned; bro and I ended up in a small room with three others next to the artist alley that people couldn’t see or find. Apparently the actual artist alley were crowded and most of bro’s friends had almost sold out by the time I had managed to make $10. We were lucky if 5 people came inside at most.

We even had an adult man trying to convince them to let us move our tables out to the main room and he was pointing at places we could place them but nope.

In the end I earned around $57 dollars. Sure I earned SOMETHING. But last year I sat for almost half as long and I earned $130. I didn’t even earn half this year in twice as long and that’s just fucking embarrassing.

Later at night bro informed me we were supposed to leave rather early in the morning so I decided to keep the tradition alive and pull an allnighter on the last day of the con. I met up with Rose and we sat down and drew stuff together. We eventually started getting more and more affected by the lack of sleep and we ended up trying to draw with out non-dominant hands and called it “shitstuck” (drawings I will most likely upload later because they’re gold)

Also I got too hot to wear pants and I didn’t want to have to put on makeup so I went around as Dave in Rose’s clothes towards the end

I think that was pretty much it

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i was planning on writing the summaries for day 3 and 4 but after riding in a severely overcrowded train without air condition for 4+ hours i would rather just take a bath and then go straight to bed so good night 

im home

NärCon day 2

My memory is failing me but here we go.

Day two was a bit mixed. I tried going as miss universe again and succeeded in not panicing or going back to change. Two people even took photos.

I hung out with different people such as roxy and the gang or one of my dave clones. Was pretty chill.

I kinda wanted to try out the homestuck maffia but a certain ex-friend was gonna be there so hahahaha nope.

During the night in the art-room a certain song started playing and bad memories was everywhere (which is why I wanted a hug last night, sorry if I worried someone)

Then I went to bed. The end.

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In other news: the artist alley is full of people but bro and I, along with two other people, had to get tables in the extra-room next to it and nobody fucking knows we’re in here and wont go inside due to the lack of signs showing people we even exist in here so all this stress of getting stuff done in time was for absolutely nothing cuz we’re not getting any customers

I’d like to say thank you for all the kind messages and hugs I was sent when I wasn’t feeling good. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any friends to actually hug but the messages helped. I’m fine now. Thank you.

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I need a hug.

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NärCon day 1

Day one was definitely better than day 0

Met up with rose, took some selfies, met up with roxy, took some selfies, walked around, took some selfies.

I met two other dave cosplayers and we decided to walk around together and called ourselves the three musketeers. I had a shit ton of fun.

Also there was a cakemeet and we ate homemade cake and I annoyed a karkat which was entertaining to say the least.

Today was so much fun aaahhh ((even though I found out that an ex-friend of mine is even shittier than I thought they were))

Tomorrow I will make a new attempt at going as miss universe!Dave. Hopefully having friends around will help ((also one of my dave clones will be wearing a skirt so I won’t be alone))

Good night

NärCon day 0

A brief summary that you can skip if you want to.

Since we got here a day before it opened I’ll name this day 0.

Day 0 was….not good. Didn’t have a single friend around, was too scared to talk to anyone and when I tried to be brave and put on my miss universe! Dave cosplay I constantly felt like everyone was staring at me and laughing behind my back. Couldn’t even make it to the con before my confidence completely shattered and I decided to go back and change because I was at the brink of tears.

Went on with the rest of the day nearly dying in the heat alone and didnt dare to speak with anyone other than bro and his friends (though I felt bad about joining when I had nothing to do with them and felt like the third wheel a lot and kind of left now and then because I didn’t want to bother them)

I did however try out LARP’ing which was hella fun even though I felt like I did the worst preformance.

The end